Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tips for choosing an oil leak Kit

If oil is one of the main fluid work with you at your facility, it is important to be prepared to handle spills when they happen. If the oil spill get a chance to spread it has the potential to cause harm to the environment and stocks, as well as the creation of a slip and fall hazard for employees. We must all work together to protect our natural resources and protect them against the oil spill tragedy like the Gulf of Mexico. The best defense against dangerous oil leak too have the appropriate equipment available to contain the spill and clean it, oil response kit provides a complete solution for it. Oil Spill Kit absorbs only oil and oil-based liquids but not water, and includes only oil absorbent mats, socks and pillows and accessories to help you safely dispose of used absorbent. The following tips will help you choose the best oil spill response kit for your facility.

Specify the maximum amount of oil that would likely spill

Oil spill kits are available in different sizes varying from as little as 7 liters to 476 liters to handle different volumes of spills. Choosing the right size of the kit should be determined based on the worst case scenario you Spill. A great kit can be selected to handle all possible spill or several smaller ones can be combined to understand the same amount. Choosing several smaller kits allow you to gain flexibility and mobility because they are easier to transport to the spill, while selecting one great kit can sip your way all in one place if the worst happens.

Identifying the best container for your facility

Different sizes of kits come in a variety of containers, all correspond to different devices. The best way to choose the right kit is to choose a container that works in your facility. Things to consider when choosing a container including the physical limitations of your staff and the ground they have to cover to get to the oil spill in your facility. Oil spill kits available from small grab bag that is easy to pick up and just go to the shed, wall mountable spill kit that allows you to create a spill kit station, a large portable kit in a wheelie bin wagons or containers. It is good practice to have an oil spill kit for each spill prone areas in your facility, but it is not always necessary because you can choose to have one or two trees around kits that can be easily transported rather than the spill area.

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