Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The benefits of paperless office

In 1975, a specialized technology predicted that the office will go to electronic records in 1990. Nearly two decades later, the basis for this idea, paperless office, yet achieve results.

A paperless office encouraging work environment to eliminate or with minimal use of paper. In an age where technology continues to make life easier, the paperless office is ideal for companies looking to save costs and production. Instead of shelling out huge amounts of money to buy a printer, copier, paper and envelopes so that information and may not be distributed or filed documents, a company can save more by investing in a range of scanner and submit their digital records. Going paperless is also saving a lot of space, especially in a small office. Filing cabinet tend to be bulky, take up less space, and can only be used for one purpose. Computers, on the other hand, is portable and can be used for different things.

Digital records are also more accessible to those who want to see it, thus saving time and energy. Imagine dozens of drawers should open and browse through hundreds of folders to get just one document - which is frustrating and exhausting. However, if the records are stored electronically, a few clicks and typing a few key words is all that is required. Also, if you need a copy circulated, send files by e-mail is more convenient and takes only a few seconds to receive. Plus, with the help of gadgets like mobile phones, PDAs and portable tablet computers, you can find whatever you need anytime, anywhere. Tablet PCs also save people from having to walk around carrying pad of paper for meetings and conferences. Whatever they have to write that they can draw on the tablet and it can be stored and viewed later.

Nor hurts to know that the paperless office to help take care of the environment. With the looming threat of continued global warming and other environmental hazards, more and more people are looking to save the planet, going paperless will push to keep the tree.

All in all, the prospect of a paperless office may sound a bit daunting, especially for well-established companies that gained in recent years the role of dependency. Obviously it takes a lot of work to move any electronic record, but in the long run, the paperless office will become more efficient and profitable, especially the generation that witnessed the science of technology every day.

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