Thursday, March 20, 2014

Griffith's valuation of Ireland and Irish ancestors found

Griffith Primary Valuation of Ireland used to determine the amount of tax each person should pay towards the support of the poor within their poor law union. This involves determining the value of all land and buildings in rural as well as urban areas to seek private level property in which each unit can be rented from year to year.

The survey covered the barons made and civil parish with an index to townlands appearing in each volume. Griffith analysis can be used as an excellent census substitute for the years after the Great Famine as censuses prior to 1901 was destroyed in the fire office records in 1922. This document contains every owner of land and households in 32 counties, and is set by the county, Baron, poor law union, civil parish and townland.

This analysis was never intended as a substitute census, and has limited significance for the genealogists. However, due to subsequent damage to so many other source documents, including the 1851 census, it remains the only detailed guide to where in Ireland people lived in the mid 19th century.

Griffith is only one kind of census of the owner in Ireland 1848-1864 property. It is used to determine which part of the land owners to pay taxes to support the poor in their poor law union. It is based, not only on the value of the property, but also on how much you earn rent from it. This makes it very important for the study of Ireland because it contains not only the owner of the property - but renters too. Although they contain only the head of household, no light here! Griffith Assessment may also explain the work, (all described and outbuildings are also taxed, if deemed appropriate) financial status, his / her level of education and whether he could have a close family member. Find siblings, parents, and other relatives to determine if it was YOUR ancestors.

No discussion of Griffiths Primary Analysis of Ireland would be complete with mentioning of the Ordnance Survey Maps. This is a map made in 6 "to 1 mile and is intended to supplement valuation. It is very detailed and allows you to view the property boundary line includes homes, other buildings, roads and villages. The maps can be very important as a way of visually connecting the adjacent property and to find relatives who live nearby. Also, as an adjunct to the Ordnance Survey Maps, a written description of some counties in Northern Ireland published. This book was written, known as the Ordnance Survey Memoirs are a very detailed description of the people and the culture, geography and local mapped. A great historical record. Unfortunately they were discontinued in 1840 as too expensive to continue.

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