Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Top Internships Abroad

Unemployment combined with all Western countries as high as ever before and one after the ailing country, more and more young professionals looking for jobs and internship opportunities in other countries. Asia, being one of the only economies still growing into a popular act of foreign troops. In Asia, we can define several time that stands out as "being on another level". Hong Kong is one of those places. Hong Kong is known as a place where "East meets West" and enjoys great popularity among Western businessmen. Accuracy cunning mix of Chinese and Western seems spot.Already few years ago Chinese newspaper wrote an article about foreign internships "flocked to Greater China" (Chinese mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) for an internship position. Internships are always a great opportunity to gain new work experience and the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in the practical field. 

Doing an internship abroad took the whole experience to a whole new culture can be challenging level.Hong Kong. Many leading Sinologists written in the past that the more you learn about the culture and customs of the Chinese, the less you will understand it. However, many foreign students and interns drawn to Hong Kong every year to learn, do internships to enhance their CV, or even set up their own start-up company. More and more efforts to find work in an exciting city, slowly building a relationship between the East and the West, acting as a liaison between the two Worlds.Finding internship abroad can be quiet challenging, mainly due to competition quiet loud. Students looking for internship opportunities in Hong Kong usually have to have local knowledge or connection to be able to find an internship position. 

This is the reason why in recent years has become a popular Apprenticeship Agency, helping students not only enrich the opportunity to search for jobs and internships, but offers all inclusive packages including housing, business lessons, networking events and excursions.I doing an internship in Hong Kong alone and highly recommend everyone to look for the challenge too. As an intern in Hong Kong Chinese know how to do business, mixed in with a dash of Western influence. If you look at the international business career, this experience will help you begin to understand the world of business in Asia. And of course you improve your resume and build your international network of professional colleagues to give your future career kick-start! Additionally, if you manage to get some Chinese language skills during your stay, you will definitely be ahead of the competition!