Sunday, February 24, 2013

Esh Property Services into sheltered housing flats

ESH Property Services changes sheltered accommodation in 22 apartments as part of a £ 2.2 million scheme configuration. The main task of rebuilding to provide more up-to-date equipment to residents in two residential castle Housing Association development schemes shielded Castle Close in Whickham, near Gateshead. Scheme Close Castle, which provides sheltered accommodation for people aged 60 years and over, saw the creation of 22 self-contained flats. This will include the rebuilding of the two castle near Hard Tindale sheltered housing schemes. The project is expected to be completed in October. Designed and developed in partnership with Esh Property Services, Castle Close changing one and two bed flats are made on the premises with an increase in working to update the schema layout and accessibility. Graham Morgan, director of operations at Esh Property Services, said: "People who are involved in helping us, including HMH Architects. "This collaboration has led to the design of a living space truly great novel that is suitable for the needs of the people and all within budget." Dave Armstrong, director of housing services at the two forts, said: "We are delighted that work has begun to modernize facilities and provide more spacious accommodation for residents in Close Puri. "The original design for the building layout is completely changed to increase the accessibility for our residents, while all the original bedding visible built 30 years ago has been replaced by contemporary self-contained flats for features including customized designs chosen by the residents themselves. "We would like to thank all the citizens Close Castle and their families for their support during the process of construction and is expected to see the return of residents to their new homes after the scheme. We would like to thank Gateshead Council and Anchor Ha, temporary accommodation provided for residents. ' Each self-contained flat is equipped with fitted kitchen and bathroom appliances designed specifically to meet the independent living needs of each resident. The scheme will see the installation of energy-efficient photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building to provide energy in the communal areas and see the improvements made as a lounge and outdoor sundeck and installation of a new elevator platform and improved wheelchair access.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

BAM Construction to build student flats in Durham

BAM Construction North East is to build 112 student flats in Durham in Sophiero private developer. Builders did the contract for the work put four storey blocks near Green Lane costume River. The total construction cost of approximately £ 5 million and work is expected to be completed by the summer of next year. Bam Construction director Andrew Warwick said: "We deeply to provide high quality living accommodation for students in Durham. "We reserve related to Sophiero in recent years and this contract shows we are trusted to develop student accommodation with high standards in the most efficient manner possible. "In each panel is unique, the fruit not used in construction, and the river outside of the city center just a few minutes walk away, it will be a wonderful home for students." The company, with regional offices in Gateshead, recently placed high on the list of Best Green Companies in Britain to create a sustainable and energy efficient buildings. Durham Flat Scheme aims to BREEAM Very Good rating, and was built using traditional construction of stone rather than wood or pods.In Modular addition to their building, Bam also designs and manages facilities such as schools, hospitals, police stations and stations. Past that includes Bam in Durham New College Durham, Framwellgate Moor Centre, St Aiden Van Mildert College and the University of Durham College, and, in the end, Lanchester Road Hospital and Health Center Stanley. It also building a hotel and retail development in County Durham in many other jobs in the area of ​​Newcastle. Just have completed work at the International Airport and Newcastle Sixth Form College.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Revolution marketing moves in the Northern Design Centre

A company founded by a mother in the near Hexham home while her children grew up to move to the new Design Centre North now business has grown as well. marketing r / / evolution was established in 2002 by Gill Burgess of Corbridge. Now the children are older and the business expanded, he moved to a landmark building that opened this year in the Baltic Gateshead Quays. Ms Burgess said: "Hexham worked with us so well over the last 10 years, but now that I have found our perfect office and it is time to move on. "We have built a solid client base of repeat business with our clients, I have a team of talented people and this is the next step for the company. "I'm quiet rural business development Hexham and now it feels right for us to move to Northern Design Centre to be a central creative hub. "The new office will allow us to improve our client service for the use of new technologies, providing our staff with a good work environment and develop our client portfolio. "We have access to hi-tech equipment Conferencing, fast and efficient broadband connectivity and present creative suite in our hands." r / / evolution is now working with clients in the North East, Scotland, Yorkshire and Hertfordshire, and SMEs and multi-nationals in a number of sectors of tourism, enterprise and regeneration riding, outdoor, building and engineering. Gateshead Council leader Mick said Henry: "Northern Design Centre is more than a beautiful building with great facilities. On the creation of the right environment for creative business like this to flourish. Businesses that choose to move here in the center of creativity, to work together with other innovative organization and be part of the event talent developed here. '

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

North East SME campaign to support the payment code

Campaign group SME Forum of Private Business (FPB) has urged firms were more likely to sign up to Prompt Payment Code to help suppliers Forecasts weather economic storm. Code, incorporating the Institute of Credit Management, along with a number of parties have to agree to commitments. They include paying suppliers on time in the agreement at the beginning of the contract, without trying to change payment terms retrospectively, giving clear guidance to suppliers and ensure there is a system for dealing with complaints, and encourage best practice by asking major suppliers encourage adoption throughout the supply chain code their own. Said senior policy adviser Alex Jackman Forum: "Prompt payment is crucial for the cash flow of any business, and especially in small businesses in the supply chain. "Prompt Payment Code is to encourage and promote best practice between organizations and their suppliers. Code signatories focus to pay their suppliers in clear terms, and is also committed to ensuring the proper process to deal with any issues that may arise. ' Labour MP Debbie Abrahams launched a campaign to persuade all the FTSE 100 companies to sign up to the Prompt Payment Code. Letters were sent to 70 or PLC that have not done so, ask them to make it a priority. FPB chief executive Phil Orford, who signed the letter, said: "Prompt Payment Code is something that all large companies can and should subscribe. "The code is nothing more than asking for responsible business than to pay suppliers and when approved, without changing the time of payment retrospectively. "We know the fort FTSE 100 UK private sector businesses, and to subscribe to their code led the way as they really should be for others to follow. "This is their chance to lead by example in what is a very important issue for small businesses." FPB has its own space online business ashamed believe not play fair with their suppliers through measures such as extending the time of payment. Suppliers can nominate businesses they believe they are being treated unfairly by contacting the Forum has documented proof. Calls are treated confidentially. FPB has recently taken the company out of the hall Bristan shower shy business after signing up to Prompt Payment Code. Companies based in Staffordshire added after it increased payment terms from 30 days to 90 years. Alex Jackman said: "But it's not just the timeliness of payments, even fast payment always welcome, but rather starts certainty be paid to really important, and allows companies to plan well for the short term and the future. "Therefore we praise Bristan to act on our advice."