Sunday, January 5, 2014

Natural ways to relieve constipation

Nowadays more and more people suffer from constipation due to poor diet and lack of exercise make a bowel obstruction. When they are constipated, they rushed to the pharmacy and buy over the counter laxative. But laxative medicine will cause other uncomfortable feelings. How to get rid of constipation quickly and naturally? Follow me :) Why not go to the kitchen to look for natural foods to help constipation? At home there are many, natural remedies and organic sound. Once you get a bowel movement frustratingly slow, open kitchen or closet and make some healthy, organic honey water with a few drops of lemon juice, it will ease and relieve the pain and frustration constipation. Of course honey water with lemon juice down only alternative medicine: there are many natural ways to relieve constipation in your kitchen.

Coffee and TeaIn in the morning when you wake up, you can drink a cup of warm water flush your colon, and then prepare a cup of coffee. According to medical research, caffeine can increase bowel movements. If you do not like coffee, you can drink a cup of green tea instead. Green tea contains less caffeine, so the impact on your bowel movements are not as strong as coffee.Carrots juiceCarrots is rich in plant fiber. During the day, you can make a cup of carrot juice for yourself. Remember, you can eat raw carrots or drink carrot juice, but avoid eating cooked carrots. Carrots are rich in fiber only when raw, once cooked, they can cause constipation.YogurtDairy products such as cheese and milk is the cause constipation if you eat too much. They produce gas in your stomach and make your stomach bloated. Although yogurt is also dairy products, providing a constant effect on your digestion. Many bacteria live in a healthy yogurt. This may prevent you from constipation. Bacteria living makes your stomach move easily lead to regular bowel movements.

CherriesCherries very healthy fruit and rich in fiber. You can boil and produce cherry cherry jam. In the morning, you can have two pieces of bread with cherry jam spread on them, it brings you a very good start of the new day.CornCorn owned grain foods. You can eat whole corn every day or you can buy ground corn to make porridge. You can also purchase popcorn already but with a little butter, because butter can cause another attack constipation.There many meals in your kitchen that can be considered as an alternative medicine to cure your erectile constipation. Therefore, the next time you are constipated, consider natural foods natural and unharmful around you rather than rush to the drug store to buy over the counter laxatives. They only chemical drugs have an effect on your health. Additionally, you should consider planning a balanced diet. Eating fiber-rich foods as much and as often as possible to keep your bowel movements as smooth as possible. Regular bowel movements are the types of health lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle makes our life more fun.